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Branding/ Identity/ Print



PAXIO is a local fiber internet service provider serving residences and businesses throughout the bay area.

When I started at this company, they had limited branding and marketing. I was tasked with evolving and rebranding the company, with an emphasis put on bringing attention to a form of internet not wildly known about.

The limited collateral/ branding they had was dated, so I wanted to create something that was more modern and fresh, and that would more likely draw people in to wanting to look at the collateral.

one pagers.png
business cards.png


PAXIO and OpenFiber utilize postcards as part of their marketing strategy. They are used as mailing campaigns, single mailers, and hand-outs at events. They range in information from education about the companies product and services to current promotions to exclusive deals for specific residents.

For the range of postcards I designed, I tried to remain on brand with like company designs, while also allowing myself to be inspired by the copy that each needed to contain. 

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