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Alpha & Omega Semiconductor is a B2B company who utilizes exhibitions and conferences as part of their marketing strategy.  They attend a couple of conferences each year with accompanying brochures, posters, swag, and exhibit booth graphics.


For these specific brochures, I was tasked with taking already existing elements and laying them out to the new size expectations to showcase a specific subset of product that the company is currently promoting.

brochure 1.png


Alpha & Omega Semiconductor is a B2B company with customers such as Intel and Dell. Each year around the holidays they hand out a corporate calendar featuring their newest products with the cover being specialized yearly.


When I was given the task to create the cover, I found myself being inspired by their tagline, "Powering a Greener Future." In the design I decided to illustrate the semiconductor chip within a natural element such as a leaf. This leaf both doubles as a play on the word "greener" as well the power source that would power the world or "future" in the 2019 year.

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